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Cascade Showerhead

2- in-1 Power Enhancing and Water Saving Showerhead

Key benefits

⦁ 60-70% increase in pressure
⦁ 35-40% water saving
⦁ Easy maintenance with removable stainless steel disc
⦁ Dual/Triple filtering technology reducing limescale and removing chlorine, fluoride & heavy metal impurities

New Triple Filtering System

⦁ Shower head contains Calcium Sulphite mineral balls to help remove chlorine
⦁ Shower handle contains cartridge with Selenium-rich balls, rich in antioxidants
⦁ Cartridge also contains White ceramic filter, helps to filter rust, impurities and heavy metals and limescale

Dual interchangeable showerplates

⦁ Steel shower plate saves water and helps to increase pressure giving a soft shower feel
⦁ Silicone spray disc provides a stronger water jet massage for a dual SPA shower.