Columbia – floor standing


The Columbia is the economic and sustainable Alternative to conventional gallons of water dispensers. It offers hot, chilled and water in room temperature, naturally filtered and remineralized for the perfect taste. By the high quality design, the plant is particularly suitable for larger offices or rooms with customer traffic. For a plus in hygiene and safety One-touch removal function in cool and uncooled Water as well as the 2-hand operation at Hot water.


Technical Features

  • W x H x D: 26.0 x 110.0 x 34.7cm
  • Produces up to 6l of water / hour
  • Cold water tank approx. 3l
  • Hot water tank approx. 1.8l
  • Decrease of tap water via a John Guest angle shut-off valve with check valve (DVGW tested)
  • Detector for water leakage
  • Curb weight approx. 31kg