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Water treatment system against hard water problems

Home wh+ is an eco-friendly water treatment system that prevents limescale built-up and rust. The Home wh+ -Impulse-Technology works on the principle of physical water treatment. Electronic impulses modify the crystallization process of the liquid calcium, so the hard limescale loses its adhesiveness. The technology works only with capacitive electric impulses:

Home wh+ Benefits:

  • No salt or chemicals
  • Magnetism-free
  • For pipe diameters up to 40″
  • Works on every pipe material
  • 10 years warranty
  • Saving money and energy




Home wh+ descaler benefits:

Save up to 30% on energy costs
Home wh+ descaler improves energy efficiency up to 30% by removing existing limescale from pipes, appliances, equipment and heating systems.

No need for salt, chemicals, magnets or metal alloys. Suitable for residential, commercial & industrial use

Save on repairs & renewals
Home wh+ descaler prolongs the life span of appliances & equipment by removing existing limescale and improving efficiency.

Reduce limescale deposits
Home wh+ descaler reduces limescale from kitchen and bathroom surfaces, shower nozzles, aerators & basins by up to 90%

Works on all pipe types
Home wh+ descaler works on all pipe types including iron, copper, metal, compound and plastic pipes from 15mm to 1000mm

Removes existing limescale
Home wh+ descaler removes limescale from pipes, appliances and equipment. Sanitises entire pipe system. Minimises legionella risk.

Easy self-install
No tools required and no ongoing servicing or maintenance costs. Can be easily removed and re-installed when you move home.

Protects pipes & equipment
Home wh+ descaler creates a fine protective metal carbonate layer to protect pipes, equipment, appliances and water heaters from rust & corrosion.