Iguassu Water Filter- Table stand unit


The Iguassu can be optimally placed on tables or in places where there is no sink. It offers hot, chilled and water at room temperature. It is a next generation ice and water purifier with an excellent ice making facility using reverse osmosis method. It has an addition safety and hygiene feature, with a one-touch button for cool and room temperature water and child-resistant leaver for hot water.


Technical Features

  • W x H x D: 29.0 x 49.7 x 47.4cm
  • Produces up to 6l of water / hour
  • Cold water tank approx. 1.4l
  • Hot water tank approx. 0.57l
  • Decrease of tap water via a John Guest angle shut-off valve with check valve (DVGW tested)
  • Detector for water leakage
  • Curb weight approx. 22,6kg