Benefits of filtered water:

Health & Wellbeing

  •  Boost immune system
  •  Increase energy level
  •  Improve concentration
  •  Promote healthier skin
  •  Cleanse your body

Environmental Friendly

  •  Reduce plastic waste
  •  Reduce carbon footprint
  •  Helps marine life and oceans
  •  Less pollution
  •  Save water

Convenient & Save Money

  •  24/7 pure water on tap
  •  No carrying of water bottles
  •  Save money on bottled water
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Pleasant taste & refreshing smell

Advantages of sbm water uk filtration systems:

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Removes pollutants that affects your health like Chlorine, Bacteria, Viruses, Toxic Metals, Hormones, Fluoride, Antibiotics, Limescale, Chemicals and many more, through our 5-Stage filter process.

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Purified, mineralized and slightly alkaline water through our unique Reverse Osmosis Process. Suitable for babies, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and ideal for aquarium water and drinking water for pets.

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With a touch of a button straight from your tap limitless filtered water 24/7 means no more carrying of heavy plastic water bottles for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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Pleasantly fresh and soft tasting drinking water you can’t get enough of. Your enjoyment of tea and coffee in a new extended dimension of taste. Ideal for cooking and improves the taste of food.

Water in Certain Organ and Body Part


Why is water so important to human health?

Water is essential for human life, without it we cannot exist. Your body weight is approximately 60% water. Hydration is essential for the body to function optimally, every cell in your body needs water. Water is part of our immune system, which helps fighting off diseases, bacteria and viruses.

Drinking plenty of pure water:

  • prevents illnesses and diseases
  • enhances your overall health and wellbeing
  • maintains balance of body fluids to aid digestion, circulation and absorption
  • helps your skin and hair looking its finest